Pauline Atkinson is a Voice Over artist from New York who has worked in the entertainment industry all of her adult life. With a BFA in Communication Arts and having completed training through the Online School For Voice Overs, Pauline has the tools and skills to produce and provide professional and authentic voice over work.
Pauline’s voice over delivery (according to my online VO instructor): “ Your voice is very satisfying to listen to. It’s soft but authentic,mature and trustworthy. You have a natural performance skill that’s a broad set of skills and characteristics to work with.”

You can hear Pauline’s voice as intros and outros on podcasts. She creates and produces promo ads, and produces her own poetry podcast “The Royal Affair”. She has also landed a voice acting role in a short animated film titled Hope The Mope where she is the voice of the “Mean Mom” – Mrs. Robinson.

Pauline’s dialect is North American and well suited for recording:
Audio Books – Especially Non Fiction
Corporate/ Business Presentation
Explainer Videos
Radio/TV Commercials
Telephone Systems
Pauline Atkinson is a member of &
The African American Voice Actor Database (AAVADB)

“Pauline  has a voice that commands attention yet is so pleasant.  Listening to her soothing podcast is an absolute pleasure.”

Beverly A.

“Your voice is very satisfying to listen to. It’s soft but authentic,  You have a natural performance skill that’s a broad set of skills and characteristics to work with.”

Julie E.

“Pauline’s voice over work is exceptional. Her voice is authentic, mature and trustworthy  of delivering a wide variety of voice acting roles and her poetry podcasts are a joy to listen to!”
Nigel B.

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