Queen P is an American Poetry writer of Caribbean roots, born and raised in New York where she currently resides with her loving family. She has written prose during and since graduating college to express her thoughts and decided to use her exceptional communication and writing prowess to finally share a part of herself with readers. In 2019, When The Mood Is Right: A Poetry Journey is published creating a positive buzz. Soon after, Queen P released a new poetry book, Mood Swings, appears at book signings, guest speaks at various events, co-authored collaborative works garnering National and International Best Seller accolades, and continues to attend workshops and readings virtually at various literary events across the United States and abroad. Adding to her list of accomplishments, Queen P can also be found producing and hosting her podcast titled, “The Royal Affair” on Anchor by Spotify and other similar platforms.

          Queen P is passionate about writing poetry because it is a liberating experience. Furthermore, she purposely writes verses to persuade her audience to think about where they are in life today, reflect on days gone by, realize how much they have grown over time, and recognize the importance of self-awareness and true happiness. Moreover, Queen P reminds us through her work that her journey has taken her to countless places not only in the physical sense but also in a spiritual and emotional odyssey. During her trek, she has mastered the skilled significance of “being still”, listening, and observation, and now she is excited about whatever adventures are in store. The journey continues!