Mood Swings

Queen P’s latest work, Mood Swings, is a poetry book that explores the various moods we tend to express as we travel along our life’s path. It opens us up to our true feelings while speaking our minds without hiding behind the shadows. We all have mood swings. This is my poetic interpretation of how we present ourselves while we’re going through those uncertain moments. Hopefully, this book will enable you to take a look at yourself to see exactly how well you handle things during that moment of uncertainty, which could then put you in a mood.

When the mood is right

When The Mood Is Right –   This collection of poems serves as a guidebook for the soul.  It is intended to act as an advocate for everyone’s spiritual journey.  I hope that my fellow travelers find this book helpful on their journey through life.

Rebirth eBook

When The Mood Is Right – A Rebirth   When The Mood Is Right: A Rebirth, is the third and final installment of my spiritual journey. In this book, you will find a collection of poems that lead to a path of newness, oneness and new beginnings. You will also recognize a few poems from my previous books, When The Mood Is Right: A Poetry Journey, and Mood Swings because they fit into the essence of my independence. It gives clarity and confirmation with what I need and want out of life with the understanding that when one door closes another door will open.